Participants: This course is suitable for all Hawke’s Bay DHB Staff 

Duration: 30 minutes online 

Course contact: Christine Mildon

About this course:

This course is mandatory learning for all new starts to our organisation. It is an introduction into hazardous substances and how we manage them. The course learning outcomes are to understand:

  • What a chemical is
  • How we classify chemicals and compounds when they become hazardous substances
  • Why labelling and decanting rules are important
  • What controls we use to eliminate or minimise the risks of using chemicals
  • What a safety data sheet is
  • How we need to manage transport and storage of substances to eliminate or minimise risk of harm occurring

Participants: This course is suitable for all Hawke’s Bay DHB Staff

Duration: 20 Minutes

Course contact: Christine Mildon

About this course 

This course is for all workers at who are affected by the activities of the HBDHB. This includes but is not limited to staff and others who are gaining work experience in their chosen field. The course is a brief introduction into the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, and its implications for you go about your daily work activities.

The course includes:

  • Roles & responsibilities under the Act
  • Worker's right to cease work