Heart Foundation Courses

The e-programme goal

This e-programme will challenge you to think differently and inspire you to try new ways of doing things when designing and delivering a CV risk assessment and management service.  It will equip you with knowledge and practical techniques related to:

  • Clinical guidelines underpinning CV risk assessment and management
  • Adopting a multi-disciplinary team approach
  • Building partnerships with individuals, families and communities
  • Conducting person-centered CV risk assessment and management consultations
  • Supporting individuals and families to become effective self-managers of CV risk.

Why do this e-programme?

Completing this programme will help you to more productively engage and work with your practice population to assess and manage cardiovascular (CV) risk.

This course is worth 3 hours of Professional Development time










The number of New Zealanders with chronic heart failure is growing as people live longer and as management of coronary heart disease improves. Chronic heart failure is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Effective, structured support from a multi-disciplinary health care team can help individuals with heart failure to stay well, enjoy a better quality of life, stay out of hospital and live longer.

Each member of the multi-disciplinary team has an important role in supporting individuals to:-

  • understand their condition
  • monitor and manage their symptoms
  • optimise their heart failure treatment
  • achieve lifestyle changes.

This eCourse has been developed to assist non-cardiac specialist members of the multi-disciplinary team to maximise their role in supporting individuals with chronic heart failure.

NB. This eCourse does not cover the management of advanced heart failure requiring specialised interventions, or end of life care. To find out more about this contact your DHB palliative care team.