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Establishing a shared culture in a newly formed department, network or organisation can be slow, difficult and costly when you don’t have a shared language or a shared understanding of concepts. Presented by Sir Muir Gray this programme will help you create the culture needed for change by providing convenient podcast reviews and discussions of key books, academic reports and commonly used words. It will support you in creating an organizational culture that has:

  1. a common language
  2. a common knowledge base
  3. a shared understanding of key concepts

The Co-Creating Culture Programme exposes your organisation to established and contemporary ideas on topics that are current challenges for you. Information is delivered in bitesize podcasts with each podcast having a short accompanying text with links to relevant resources so you can find out more about the topic.








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The horizontal arrangement of healthcare into primary, secondary and tertiary care is no longer useful or fiscally prudent. It fosters an environment where the focus is on bureaucracy and empire-building, and institutions are the dominant type of organisation.

In this Videocourse, Sir Muir Gray oultlines why we need to move to an environment where systems dominate and where the patient and clinician are decision-makers capable of assessing the most relevant quality of care for their needs. Sir Muir details why systems provide a vehicle to better address the misdistribution of patients throughout primary, secondary and tertiary care and how systems can answer the currently unanswerable question of: “How much money do we spend on our core business?”