Extra Support/Common Issues

Pop up blocker:

A number of LEARN courses use pop-up images and video to display extra information. Sometimes your browser will block these pop-ups and cause you to miss out on this information. Use the google search to discover how to enable pop-ups in your browser.

Area Specific Support:

      1. Auckland District Healthboard:
      2. Counties Manukau Health Staff:
      3. Hauora
      4. Hawkes Bay BDHB:
      5. Hutt Valley DHB:
      6. Lakes
      7. MidCentral
      8. Nelson Marlborough
      9. Northland
      10. Southern DHB:
      11. Taranaki
      12. Waikato
      13. Waitemata DHB:
      14. Whanganui DHB:
      15. All other partners: please consult the designated e-Learning contact at your organisation
How do I register/create a new account in LEARN?

Registration for LEARN is currently only available to partners and associates of Ko Awatea.  If you are a member of the following groups you will be able to register and create and account (by clicking the login button at the top right of your screen):

      1. Auckland District Health Board
      2. Auckland University of Technology
      3. Counties Manukau Health
      4. Hawkes Bay District Health Board
      5. Hauora Tairawhiti
      6. Health Alliance
      7. Health Benefits Limited
      8. Health Quality & Safety Commission
      9. Hutt Valley District Health Board
      10. Lakes District Health Board
      11. Manuaku Institute of Technology
      12. MidCentral District Health Board
      13. Middlemore Clinical Trials
      14. Ministry of Education
      15. Ministry of Health
      16. Ministry of Social Development
      17. Nelson District Health Board
      18. Northland District Health Board
      19. Southern District Health Board
      20. Taranaki District Health Board
      21. The University of Auckland
      22. Waikato District Health Board
      23. Wairarapa District Health Board
      24. Waitemata District Health Board
      25. Whanganui District Health Board

What is My Learning?

All signed in users in LEARN are able to see the 'My Learning' menu. My Learning can be accessed by clicking the 'My Learning' link in the top menu. ‘My Learning' acts as a dashboard and shows you:

      1. My Courses - Provides a link to all courses you are currently enrolled in LEARN
      2. Tasks - Provides a list of system tasks that require your action
      3. Alerts - Provides information on any critical actions needed
      4. Recent Learning - Provides statistics and information on what you having been doing in LEARN
      5. My Latest Badges - Provides a list of the latest badges you have received from completing courses and tasks
How do I find courses?

Finding courses is easy; once logged in simply click the 'FIND COURSES' button in the top menu (above), and either navigate through the categories till you find your course, or use the search box.

How do I use a course?

Course pages are usually organised by topic - each topic containing information, learning resources and activities. The top of a course page will explain what activities and resources you'll need to do to complete the course. To launch a resource or activity click on the name (this is a button on your course page).

Your course page may have been designed various ways. A standard LEARN course page will have columns down the left or right and learning resources in the central/main part of your page. Generally these resources will be buttons that you click to access.You may also have access to some useful links to the left or right of your page, for example, People, Activities, Forums.

Your course will generally be set up with completion conditions and these can be found at the bottom of the page. When you have accessed your material, you'll see a 'tick' next to it. When you first access your course page, take some time to read the requirements, and to explore the different resources and tools available to you. If the course has a grade to pass mark, you can view your grades by clicking on the grades link; found in the left hand side of the course page, under 'settings'.

Using Forums

When your colleagues or learners post a message in any of the discussion forums, you can read the messages in two places:In the discussion forum on the course page when you are logged in In your email box if you are subscribed to the forum (see below on how to subscribe and unsubscribe)

Posting messages:

      • To reply to a course message that you received in your email box, use the Reply link in the bottom right of the window. When you click on this link you will be asked to log into your course page. Try to remember not to use the reply function in your email software, as this will not reply to the whole group; just to the individual. You also have the option to view the entire discussion before you decide to reply. Click on ‘See this post in context’ to go directly to the course page and the discussion. If you don’t wish to have forum messages in your email inbox, you can decide to ‘unsubscribe’ from the forum.
      • When you open the forum resource, click on the link ‘Unsubscribe from this forum’ and follow the instructions. You will still be able to see the discussions but you will need to log into the course page to see them.To view a discussion, click on the title of the discussion in the left column (Discussion). You will then see all the postings within this discussion. If you want to start a new conversation, click on ‘Add a new discussion topic’. This ensures that conversations are structured, especially when there are several components/issues/parts in your answer. Don’t forget to type in your subject. Choose a subject name that is clear for your readers. When you want to continue a conversation that was started by one of your colleagues, go to his/her message and click on reply in the bottom right corner of the message. You will see a screen with the selected message followed by this box: Whether you start a new discussion topic or reply to an existing one, make sure you post your message. Write your message in the box and, when you have finished, go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘post to forum’.

Subscribing to forums:

Subscribing to a forum means that you also get the postings sent to the email address you have assigned to your LEARN account. Everybody is subscribed to the news forum, because that is the way your facilitator is able to get hold of you, even if you don’t log into the course page. You can decide whether or not you want to keep track of what is going on in the course page without constantly logging in. You can subscribe in one go, using these steps:

      1. You can subscribe to all forums at once by clicking on ‘Forums’ in the ‘Activities’ block on the left hand side of your course page.
      2. You will see all the forums of the course listed. The last column of the table tells you whether you are subscribed or not.You can choose which resource you want to be subscribed to from the column by clicking on the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or you can subscribe/unsubscribe to all forums at once by clicking on the (un)subscribe to all forums on the top right corner.
      3. You can click on ‘subscribe to all forums’ in the top right corner of the page. Alternatively you can manage the forums you want to subscribe to from the list. Click on the ‘No’ in the column on the right and it will become ‘Yes’.
      4. Another way of subscribing/unsubscribing is in the forums themselves. Click on the forum and go to the top right corner of the page to subscribe or unsubscribe.
Using My Reports

Click 'My Reports' in the top menu to view your available reports. Currently the report you will be able to see is the 'Record of Learning: Courses' More reports will be come available in the coming months. To use a report simply click the report name to view the report. If you are not able to see a report you were expecting, contact your area specific support in the first instance.

Last modified: Tuesday, 6 October 2020, 2:20 PM