This course has been set up for those who have administration rights for their DHB's in LEARN

A forum to collectively gain a:
• shared understanding of our current situations,
• support network to trouble shoot challenges we may be encountering
• process to identify and implement future functionality desired collaboratively

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The LEARN Library is a searchable, curated collection of videos that we have produced at Ko Awatea or found online.  Many of the videos you see will be found in our e-Learning courses and workbooks, so this is where you can come to get a quick refresher on what you may have seen.

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For Metro Occupational Development teams to get together and collaborate and discuss.

This course has been developed to assist Subject Matter experts in their role as trainers and editing trainers in Ko Awatea LEARN.

CM Health Standardised resuscitation Trolley Audit tool; designed to ensure compliance and readiness of the fleet of emergency trolleys throughout the organisation.

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