For Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)

WrDHB - Aseptic Non-Touch Technique (ANTT)

Intended audience: registered nurses, midwives, anesthetic technicians

Here you will find the workbook and a digital version of the open book test. The workbook is in PDF format and you can save it to your computer, or simply view it here. The test is automatically graded, so once you submit all and finish you will be able to see how you did. You may re-attempt the quiz.

This area is for Registered Nurses & Midwives who have completed the necessary pre reading and are now ready to attempt the Drug Calculations test

This resource provides an opportunity to learn about the use of the new adult EWS system.

All nurses involved in adult care

Learning objectives
After completion of this eLearning session you will be able to

  • understand the benefits of WRDHB's EWS
  • describe the seven EWS parameters
  • calculate an EWS correctly and escalate care according to EWS
  • understand how the EWS Modification Box is used