This course is Mandatory for All new MidCentral DHB employees

This Online course / assessment will provide you with an understanding of MidCentral DHB's Health & Safety Systems.

This course must be completed on employment.

Time allocation
One hour

This training site hosts a number of online training modules aimed at different groups of healthcare workers.

The hand hygiene modules, for instance, include seven modules aimed at allied health workers, medical staff, non-clinical staff, nurses and midwives, and students.

At MidCentral DHB Hand Hygiene training is a mandatory certification for nurses and requires re-certification every two years as per the RN/EN Essential Skills List.

Note: These courses and resources are provided to MDHB employees by Hand Hygiene NZ and Hand Hygiene Australia, which are external training organisations and are not managed by MDHB Ko Awatea Learn.

The identification and reporting of Incidents is encouraged and supported at MidCentral District Health Board and is essential in assisting you to promote and provide a safe and secure healthcare environment for patients, staff and visitors.

This course is appropriate for both clinical and non clinical staff

This course is Mandatory for all MDHB staff and must be completed on employment.

Time allocation
20 minutes

This course is for ALL MidCentral DHB employee’s.

Patient confidentiality is a fundamental principle of healthcare delivery. Patients trust MDHB to look after sensitive health information and to make sure this information is used only by those directly involved in providing care to them.

The course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

This eCourse is applicable to all Clinical staff members

This eCourse will introduce you to infection prevention and control principles for practice within MDHB. By completing this eCourse you will understand how infection prevention and control principles apply within MDHB and the expectations the organisation has regarding its requirements.

The course will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

This course is for all RCTS staff as well as any peripheral staff that require access to oncology information.

MOSAIQ is the Oncology Software that is used in RCTS as well as surrounding DHB's to access oncology patient information.

Completion of all 7 modules of this course is equivalent to 1.5 hours of Professional Development time

This course is appropriate for Nurses, Midwives & Theatre Technicians.

Blood products are biologic material (and in the case of blood cells, are living human tissues). They are prescription medicines intended for use by medical practitioners and nurses and midwives in the treatment of their patients. This course is to develop the knowledge and skills required to administer blood products.

This course is equivalent to 45 minutes of Professional Development time.

This course is for ALL MidCentral DHB employee’s.

This course provides you with an overview of your legislative responsibilities as they apply within MidCentral District Health Board (MDHB). It outlines how you can best ensure both your own and MDHB’s compliance with legislation.

The course will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

This eAssessment is intended for Mental Health workers.

The eAssessment will examine knowledge of the Mental Health Act (1992). This eAssessment is a mandatory requirement of all new clinical staff.
If Mental Health workers do not understand the provisions of the Act, service users may be treated inappropriately, under-treated or inappropriately detained. It is important that Mental Health workers are confident that they have the required knowledge, and they have met the required standard of achievement. Well-designed and well-integrated testing and assessment strategies provide very real benefits to the learner, the trainer and the organisation.

This course is equivalent to one hour of Professional Development