This area contains courses specifically for Hawkes Bay DHB - Primary Care.

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Welcome to the before school check PEDS module.



Baby Essentials and Through the Tubes is through a third party provider. This programme has been approved by the New Zealand Midwifery Council and Breastfeeding Authority for claiming professional continuing education points.




Welcome to the Clozapine Prescribing in General Practice Annual Update.

The content has been a collaboration between Health Hawke’s Bay and the DHB Pharmacist – Clopine Co-ordinator.  We have focused on case studies which highlight specific areas of potential risk when managing patients taking clozapine.

Thanks for your time. Completion of this e-learning tool is required as part of your Health Hawke’s Bay contract. We welcome feedback and your comments.






Welcome to the Dermatoscopy Course developed for you by Hon Assoc Prof Amanda Oakley.  This course is specifically designed to assist you in identifying skin lesions that may be a suspected melanoma.  It is expected that after completing this course you would have increased knowledge on identifying benign skin lesions, melanomas and skin cancer and, be able to effectively refer a patient with a skin lesion to the New Zealand teledermatology service.

Special thanks to Canterbury DHB for providing this course.




This Know Your Insulin module highlights the differences between the different insulin types and strengths, and gives information on good prescribing and administration - so that through increased awareness the chances of causing harm to our patients is reduced.


Welcome to the Health Literacy eModules.  Click enrol me to get started.




Optimising the use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy in clinical practice for Primary Care

Cannulation for health professionals working in Primary Care.



IV Designation,  for health professionals working in Primary Care.



 Venepuncture for health professionals working in Primary Care.



This Annual Assessment is for RN's who have completed the family planning Standing Orders training and are delivering sexual health services within their scope of practice.