All staff members are required to complete this course once every year.
Most staff, whether clinical or non-clinical, will be dealing with personal information about others in some aspect of their role.  This course is mandatory for all NMH staff.

This eAssessment is based on the TEN Rights outlined in the Code and is designed to test your understanding of how the code is applied in a clinical setting.

This eAssessment contains 15 questions. Each question is based on a learning objective. Questions are in a multiple choice format. The allocated time for the test is 20 minutes. Pass mark 90%.

The Code (The HDC Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights Regulation 1996) gives “rights” to all consumers, and places “duties” (obligations) on people and organisations providing services.

It covers a wide range of providers (whether public or private). The Commissioner’s jurisdiction is restricted to the quality of care; it does not cover issues of funding or entitlement to service.