The intention of this Treaty of Waitangi module is to increase your knowledge and understanding of influences and impacts from a Pre and Post Treaty of Waitangi Maaori Worldview.

This module supports the face-to-face Treaty of Waitangi workshops offered by NMH and is a good refresher if you have done a course some time ago.

This module stands separate to the Tikanga Best Practice E-Learning training package, however upon completion of this specific module we encourage you access and complete Tikanga Best Practice E-Learning Package at your leisure.


Welcome to E-Learning Tikanga Best Practice programme. While moving through the different sections you will find topics unique to Maaori such as Karakia, Whakatauaki, Waiata, Kingitanga, Treaty/Te Tiriti o Waitangi pre, post, population health, NM Health Maaori Values.

These topics will help to enhance your work place, and align your daily work with the NM Health Tiriti / Treaty Relationship Framework. This relationship is underpinned by a set of Maaori Values and concepts which have stemmed from key principles founded in Maaori tradition. We expect that for some staff there will be lots of new information and learning, and for others there will be a reinforcement and remembering of previous learning.

This course is equivalent to 4 hours of Professional Development.




This eLearning course offers refresher information about tracheostomy management.

This course is appropriate for new allied health staff and students who will be using Trendcare, and existing staff who wish to refresh their knowledge.

The Trendcare course covers the following topics

    1. Introduction to TrendCare
    2. Accessing TrendCare
    3. Entering into the Intervention Register
    4. Capturing Unmet Need
    5. Patient Handover Sheets
    6. Accessing Reports
    7. Using the Allocate Staff screen

The course also provides a Trendcare Training Resource which contains the course content and can be printed for use before or after completing the course.

This course is equivalent to 1 hour of Professional Development time.

Wounds affect a great number of the patients that enter the services provided by Nelson Marlborough Health therefore it is important that all health care professionals maintain a basic level of knowledge of wound care to aid in their assessment and treatment of wounds. To facilitate this distribution of knowledge it has been made a mandatory  prerequisite to the wound care study day.

This course is worth 3 hours of Professional Development time.