This course is designed to give some basic and clear information to staff working in the health care sector around the COVID-19 virus, in particular; logo

  • What is COVID-19
  • The New Zealand Context
  • Symptoms of COVID and how it is spread
  • Protection of self and others
  • Infection Prevention Measures
Professional Development Hours: 0.5 hrs

The Cardiac Knowledge and Skills course is for all nurses, midwives and anaesthetic technicians. The following online cardiac course will help equip you with the foundation knowledge required to optimise care for patients with a cardiac condition or comorbidity. The course modules includes:

  • Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology
  • Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation
  • ECG Lesson and Workbook

Time allocation: Each module is equivalent to 2hours Professional Development time. Completion of the Cardiac Knowledge & Skills course will provide you with 6 hours Professional Development time.  

The CALD - Culturally and Linguistically Diverse programme has been developed by Waitemata DHB Asian Health Support Services. The programme consists of 9 courses that are designed to develop cultural competency for our healthcare practitioners.

The Nursing Council has published a new Code of Conductsetting out the standards of behaviour that 

The Council has produced the new Code in line with its statutory role to protect the health and safety of the public by setting standards of clinical competence, ethical conduct and cultural competence for nurses.nurses are expected to uphold in their professional practice.

The Code is framed around four core values – respect, trust, partnership and integrity – and eight primary principles. It is a practical document that clearly describes the conduct expected of nurses.

Professional development on the Code of Conduct needs to be completed by end of July 2015. Nurses are expected to include this information on their professional development record which will be assessed as part of their PDRP.

The 90 minutes training time includes the module and the reading of the Code of Conduct guides.

The content of this course has been provided with thanks from Waitemata DHB


The purpose of this course is to assist nurses to make decsions in relation to the delegation of care to enrolled nurses and health care assistants. 

This course material has been provided with thanks from Counties Manukau Health

The purpose of this work book is to enable the Registered Nurse/Midwife (RN/RM) and or Enrolled Nurse/ Nurse Assistant/ Health Care Assistant/ Patient Care Assistant (EN/NA/HCA/PCA) to develop skills to take an accurate basic 12 lead ECG.

This course is worth 2 hours of Professional Development hours

This course is required to be completed AFTER attending the face to face session.

Upon completing the face to face session and passing the quizzes you are considered competent to complete the ASSS on acute stroke patients for one year. Refresher training will be provided on an annual basis.

You will be awarded 90 minutes of professional development for attendance at the face to face training and 30 minutes for completion of the online quizzes.