Who for    All nurses, midwives and anaesthetic technicians. 
About This course covers the theoretical component of Medicines Management and Infusion Therapy for Whanganui DHB.
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Who for Staff who move or handle patients and lift, move or carry heavy items at work
What Identify key factors of L.I.T.E. when preparing to safely move, or handle a patient, or handle heavy objects. Identify basic anatomical and terminology surrounding injury, posture and manual handling techniques
Time 1 hour
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Metabolic Screening and Assessment Introduction

Evidence states that people who experience serious mental illness (SMI) are more likely to experience preventable, chronic health conditions than those who do not.

One of the major causes amongst those who experience SMI are the metabolic side effects of psychotropic medications.

Nurses who are working with people with SMI  are in a unique position to be able to screen, provide advice and early intervention to minimise harm and promote high achievable levels of health for them.

The Nursing process APIE (Assessment planning, intervention and evaluation) is an essential part of any Nursing intervention.