This eLearning is pathways to gain Generic IV Certification, which is required before undertaking management of IV therapy or attending other non-generic IV courses. 


Staff who require IV Certification who have no previous IV experience, or

All new graduate

  • nurses in the NETP programme
  • midwives
  • technicians (who are required to perform IV and related therapies as part of their role)

Learning objectives

On successful completion of this course you will be certified for generic IV. This will include you being able to:

  • demonstrate the safe administration and management of generic IV and related therapies
  • accurately complete necessary mathematical calculations prior to preparation of generic IV and related therapies
  • demonstrate the selection and safe handling of related consumables and equipment

This course is a short mandatory course designed to bring you up to speed with your responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) which comes into effect on the 4 April 2016.

For all people managers at Wairarapa DHB

This course provides an introduction to using the maternity vital signs chart and early warning score (MEWS). The chart and MEWS are tools to support clinical judgement, critical thinking and autonomy. They provide a safety net to reduce failures to identify maternal morbidity. They support a safety culture where escalation of clinical care is consistent and fully supported using objectively defined criteria.

Staff involved in the prescribing, administration and supply of medicines to patients have personal and professional accountability and responsibility to the patient in ensuring professional standards are met and maintained.

Wairarapa DHB has a directive of achieving Zero Patient Harm. To help achieve this all nurses, both clinical and non-clinical are expected to successfully complete the Medication Safety Package.

Full credentialing for the Medication Safety Certification Process involves successfully completing these eLearning sections and a drug calculations and conversions assessment

This course is worth 4 hours of Professional Development time.



For the ICT Pilot Group for Office 2016

For those of you not familiar with Office 2016, you can access online training material. For Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook there are Quick start guides as well as a range of short videos available.