Intended audience: registered nurses, midwives, anesthetic technicians

Complete the eLearning and the quiz, you have unlimited attempts.

The objective setting and portfolio development e-learning package is designed for those wishing to develop skills in writing professional development objectives in the SMART format and provide practical tips to assist practitioners create and maintain a professional portfolio. After completing the course you should be able to:

  • describe the elements of a SMART objective
  • construct a SMART objective
  • critique objectives to see if they are SMART
  • describe how to align objectives to the New Zealand Triple Aim
  • describe the benefits of developing and maintaining a portfolio
  • describe strategies for developing and maintaining a portfolio
  • identify appropriate evidence to collect in a portfolio

Your line manager, professional leader and senior colleagues are likely to have some experience in objective setting and portfolio development. Talking over your objective ideas with others is also a great way to build realistic, useful and SMART objectives.








This resource provides an opportunity to learn about the use of the new Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) system, which is being introduced across Capital & Coast and Hutt Valley DHBs.


All nurses and doctors involved in paediatric care.

Time allocation

30 minutes.

This eLearning will introduce you to the Health and Disability Services Restraint Minimisation and Safe Practice Standards. By completing this course you will understand how these Standards apply within WrDHB and the expectations the organisation has regarding the application of the Standards.

This eLearning is applicable to all WrDHB settings where patient care is provided. It has been written for all staff who have contact with patients, visitors or members of the public. It sets out what support and guidance staff should expect their department to provide.

Education for WDHB Managers on Return to Work after Injury or Illness

Every WDHB Manager or Head of Department must complete the quiz annually.

The aim of this course is to help you to give feedback and 'speak up safely'.

We all need to have difficult conversations sometimes but having the right tools to do so can make things much easier and effective for everyone involved.

Time allocation

1 hour.

This course is for Wairarapa DHB Staff

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  1. - Define what supervision is, including the three functions of supervision.
  2. - Define your role and responsibilities as a superviseee
  3. - Recognise the role and responsibilities of your supervisor and define the different roles of supervisor, professional leader, team leader and/or line manager.
  4. - Describe the benefits of supervision.
  5. - Describe how to prepare for a supervision sessions. Explain what to do if supervision is not working well .