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Intended audience: All health professionals

Course contact: Maria Lafaele

Pregnancy increases a woman’s perception of risk, triggering a strong emotional response, and making her more likely to respond to prompts to stop smoking. It is described as a window of opportunity to promote stopping smoking.

This course will take you through a series of scenarios to practice effective conversations with women who smoke in pregnancy and post-partum.

In this course, you will learn to

  • discuss stopping smoking with the women you work with
  • identify barriers to stopping smoking
  • pick up conversational cues and turn them into opportunities to discuss stopping smoking
  • provide information to increase the use of Stop Smoking Services
  • practice conversations in complex situations and get some instant pointers on conversation skills, messages and how to handle myths and facts about smoking during pregnancy and post partum

WDHB CourseWelcome to the Mason Approach online module. This online 'book' has been designed for people who provide, work with, use or know someone who uses forensic mental health services (FMHS) art the Mason Clinic.

It explains the Mason Approach, why it is a good idea and how the approach works in practice when providing care and support to users of services at the Mason Clinic.

WDHB CourseIntended audience: Medical Interns, RMOs, Pharmacy Interns

This course has been developed to help you to prepare an accurate and timely discharge summary. The discharge summary contains crucial information for the patient and their primary care providers. It is important that it is correct, clearly written and completed on time.

WDHB CourseIntended audience: Those caring for people at risk of delirium, dementia or depression

This course has been developed to help you identify risk factors for delirium, dementia and depression, particularly in older adults, and how to manage these issues if they arise.

ABC Smoking Cessation Tool

The Ministry of Health has created an e-Learning tool to provide essential knowledge for all registered Healthcare Professionals on how to incorporate ABC Smoking Cessation into every day practice.

The "elephant in the room" e-Learning module is based on the New Zealand Smoking Cessation Guidelines and has been designed to encourage health workers to:

  • Ask all patients if they smoke
  • Provide Brief advice to quit to all smokers
  • Offer Cessation support.

It aims to increase health professional's knowledge and confidence to approach the subject of smoking with their patients and promote more accessibility of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and other cessation services.

The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) courses and resources have been developed by Waitemata DHB eCALD® Services. The programme consists of 9 courses that are designed to develop cultural competency for our healthcare practitioners.

WDHB CourseThis module is preferred for all MHS staff when they first start, and covers clinical documentation notes. It does not need to be repeated once it has been done once.

WDHB CourseThis module has been produced by NDSA and is for all staff working in the mental health service older adult setting. This is based on the 7 real skills of Lets Get Real.

A Nurse Educator or Coach is required to support this process.

WDHB CourseThis course provides an overview of Informed Consent including learning objectives of this online course, definition of Informed Consent, description of "The Code" and patients rights. Then covers a number of points that you must consider when deciding whether or not you can treat a patient, and their rights regarding Informed Consent.