Workplace Violence Prevention ForumADHBLOGO

ADHBLOGOThis forum is for the HRBP and OD team of Auckland DHB.

Do you have questions for the group or just want to share something that you have learnt?

Are you thinking of something that may be of interest to others in this group?

Here you can build connections and share information.

ADHBLOGOThis is a forum for the Auckland District Health Board's Speak up Supporters group.

The forum is for building our team and connections, sharing information and providing useful resources.

Any questions or comments please contact Katie Quinney

ADHBLOGOThis is a page for nurses working in APU/AED Level 2. 

The aim is to provide you with support surrounding your study days to gain the most from them.

Any questions or comments please contact Amanda Welch

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