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This module is a prerequisite for the NZUNS conference

The contents of this module was created to ensure consistent safe and competent IDC of adult males.  Staff who with in their normal duties would be expected to perform male catheterisations should complete this as a first step in gaining clinical competency.

The contents of this course have been supplied with thanks from Counties Manukau Health

This e-learning programme examines the processes before, during and after pregnancy that can influence a child's later risk of developing obesity and non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, allergies and some cancers.

It explores the latest scientific evidence and shows how a mother's nutrition and physical activity can affect the metabolic, physiological and neurological development of the unborn baby and the infant's long-term wellbeing, as well as the ongoing health of the mother.

The course then examines the practical advice and recommendations, including Ministry of Health guidelines, that stem from this knowledge.

  1. Developmental Origins of Health and Disease and non-communicable diseases.
  2. The importance of fetal nutrition for a healthy life: the scientific basis.
  3. The links between maternal and fetal nutrition and life-long health outcomes.
  4. Healthy eating during and after pregnancy: the evidence for current recommendations.
  5. Physical activity during pregnancy.
  6. Breastfeeding: the benefits of nature's super-food for infant development and maternal health.
  7. Introducing complementary foods.
  8. Creating a SMARTER Plan to help strengthen your practice.

The course has been provided with thanks from the Healthy Start Workforce project